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Main theme: Urban Biodiversity in the Ecological Network

Dear colleagues

We would like to warmly invite you to Nagoya City of central Japan for the 2nd International Conference of Urban Biodiversity & Design (URBIO2010). URBIO is an open worldwide scientific network for education and research with the aim to promote urban biodiversity through a continuing dialogue with the CBD, Convention on Biological Diversity, initiative on “Cities and Biodiversity”. In order to implement the CBD in urban areas, the URBIO2010 will be held before CBD_COP10, which will also be held in Nagoya in October 2010.

What's New

1 December, 2011
The 3rd URBIO Conference “Urban Biodiversity and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation” will be held in Mumbai, India from 8th to 12th October 2012.
New website was opened.

January, 2011
A special issue featured on URBIO2010 was published by Landscape and Ecological Engineering.

31 October, 2010
COP10 Decision X/22. Plan of Action on Subnational Governments, Cities and Other Local Authorities for Biodiversity was adopted at CBD COP10 in Nagoya, Japan.

24-26 October, 2010
The City Biodiversity Summit 2010 was held in Nagoya, Japan, and AICHI/NAGOYA DECLARATION was adopted at the Summit.

5 September, 2010
URBIO2010 Prompt Report (14 June) and Short Report are available from HERE.

15 July, 2010
Materials of Keynote Presentations are now downloadable from HERE.

30 June, 2010
URBIO2010 Proceedings are now downloadable from HERE.

You can see the text of Welcome Address from HERE.

26 May, 2010
The Nagoya Declaration URBIO 2010 was adopted on 21st May, 2010.
You can get this from HERE.

All programs of URBIO 2010 have been concluded as scheduled.
Thank you very much.

17 May, 2010
The Institution of Professional Engineers, Japan, a member of Organizing Societies & Associations, is planning to provide a free wireless LAN service at Small Hall/WINC Hall and a poster room.

Reception desk will be placed at…
Meijo University Meieki Satellite Office (13F of S.I.A. Build.) on 18th (13:00-17:00),
Small Hall (5F; 8:45-11:40) and 1110 Room (11F; 12:30-17:00) on 19th,
Small Hall (5F) on 20th (8:45-11:40),
WINC Hall (2F) on 21st (8:45-16:00).

8 April, 2010
Presentation Program is available from HERE. (PDF, 358KB)

1 April, 2010
The applications for excursions and conference dinner were closed, but the post-conference excursion Course 4 is still open.

23 March, 2010
The applications for excursions and conference dinner are still open. The post-conference excursion Course 2 was canceled, but the fee for for the Course 4 was discounted to 5,500 yen! Please visit the excursions pages.

14 March, 2010
If you need a visa to enter Japan, please visit our Travel Information page.

1 March, 2010
Abstract application and travel support application were closed.

16 February, 2010
We are happy to announce that we can start the travel support to help participants travel to the URBIO2010. The deadline for the travel support application is February 28, 2010.
Please see HERE.

26 January, 2010
Presentation application was closed.
320 presentations were submitted. More than 360 participants from 27 countries and regions are planning to join this conference. Thank you for your entry!
We still welcome your registration, application for the excursions and conference dinner.

17 December, 2009
FAQ page is created. Please see HERE.
Sponsors page is created.

16 November, 2009
Second Circular is available from HERE. (PDF, 182KB)
Registration page is available.

Important Days

28 February, 2010
Deadline for abstract
Deadline for travel support application

31 March, 2010
Deadline for application to the conference dinner and the mid- and post-conference excursions
You have to pay these fees also by the end of March. Presenters have to pay the registration fee by the end of March also.