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  * Hiroshi HASHIMOTO (Meijo Univ.) //hihashi [AT] ccmfs.meijo-u.ac.jp//   * Hiroshi HASHIMOTO (Meijo Univ.) //hihashi [AT] ccmfs.meijo-u.ac.jp//
-Website of URBIO2010 http://www.jilac.jp/URBIO2010/+Website of URBIO2010 http://jale-japan.org/URBIO2010/
<note important> <note important>
-**We are making efforts to get funds to support participants from developing countries and others. If we will succeed to make funds, inform all potential participants through website of URBIO2010.**+**We are happy to announce that we can start the travel support to help participants travel to the URBIO2010. Please visit our website.**\\ 
</note> </note>