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Joint International Symposium with Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture (JILA) will be held on 22nd May, 2010.
We will provide simultaneous translation to English / Japanse. Please join this event also.

“International Symposium on Cities and Satoyama Landscapes”

(Tenpaku Campus of Meijo University, 22nd May, 2010)

    In recent years, satoyama landscapes have been ravaged as a result of depopulation and the aging of populations. Meanwhile, in the midst of all this, our awareness about the socio-cultural benefit of satoyama landscapes, the contribution they make to biodiversity and the way in which positive natural resource management should function has been rapidly heightened. If we take a look at the global situation, landscapes like satoyama (here in after we call “socio-ecological production landscapes”) that were formed and maintained mainly through agriculture and forestry exist in most parts of the world. Unfortunately, however, the survival of these landscapes is currently under threat for a number of reasons. Based on this situation, the Satoyama Initiative has been initiated, which is the international efforts to promote a concept on sustainable management and utilization of natural resources with worldwide application. The core vision of the initiative is to realize societies in harmony with nature. At the Tenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biodiversity (CBD COP10), which will be held in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture in October 2010, broader support for the Initiative and establishment of an international framework to accelerate the efforts will be proposed.

    Whilst also bearing in mind the outcomes from URBIO, we will discuss the following issues at the symposium:

    - socio-ecological production landscapes in countries where populations are expected to decline, such as Japan

    - how proper management of the peripheral zones of cities or green spaces within cities should function in the
      event that cities change as a result of populations decreasing

We thus aim to seek new directions for research at the symposium.


Opening Remark
    Hiroshi Maruyama, Chair, Executive Committee for the Annual Meeting, JILA

Keynote Speech 1
    “Cities and Socio-ecological Production Landscapes in Europe”
    Thomas Elmqvist, Stockholm Resilience Centre, SWEDEN
Q & A

Keynote Speech 2
    “Landscape between Satoyama-Satochi and Urbanized Area in Japan”
    Kazuhiko Takeuchi, President, Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture (JILA) /
    Vice Rector, United Nations University

Q & A
15:00-15:10 Coffee Break

Panel Discussion
   *Facilitator: Masayuki Wakui, Chair, Committee on Support for CBD COP10, JILA
    Tadayoshi Inoue, Co-chair, URBIO2010 / Chair, Chapter of Central Region, JILA
    Isao Nakase, University of Hyogo / Museum of Human and Nature Activities, Hyogo
    Kazue Fukamati, Kyoto University

Closing Remark
    Masaaki Takanashi, Vice President, JILA