Workshop on Cities' Biodiversity Index

Coordinator: Kato, Masashi
City of Nagoya / Aichi-Nagoya COP10 CBD Promotion Committee

It is expected that at the workshop, participants will deepen the discussion on ideal evaluation index to effectively exploit cities' biodiversity potential and problem-solving ability taking cities' diversity into consideration.

It is often said that cities' biodiversity is in crisis. But cities have sufficient biodiversity potential for cities and our planet. Recently, a lot of efforts have been started to exploit the cities' biodiversity potential. As an example of effort, a city biodiversity index to measure preservation progress on cities' biodiversity through self-evaluation is being developed by the Secretariat of the CBD and the National Parks Board of Singapore. Several cities supported by ICLEI, Local Governments for Sustainability, and the Secretariat of the CBD are currently testing the application of the index towards its presentation at the CBD-COP10.

Firstly at the Workshop, the outline of the Singapore Index will be explained and some cities will present their interim report on the test-bedding of the Singapore Index. And also the economic evaluation case study utilizing TEEB, the Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity, will be presented. Secondly, some presenters will raise issues, including evaluation of Secondary Nature, Urban Green, Urban Ecosystem Services, Environment Load on Ecosystems Outside Cities caused by consumption within cities, and Governance and Management of Biodiversity. Then all the participants will discuss these issues.


1) Outline of the Singapore Index
Chan, Lena (National Parks Board, Singapore)

2) Interim Report of Singapore Index's Test-Bedding
Ito, Tsuyoshi, Asai, Masaaki (City of Nagoya, Japan)

3) Interim Report of Singapore Index's Test-Bedding (tbc)
Gryseels, Machteld (Brussels Capital Region, Belgium)

4) TEEB as Concepts and Tools for Assessing & Valuing Ecosystem Service
Gundimeda, Haripriya (Indian Institute of Technology, India)

5) Evaluation of Secondary Nature Considering Cities' Diversity
Morimoto, Yukihiro (Kyoto Univ., Japan), Kato, Masashi (City of Nagoya, Japan)

6) Evaluation of Green and Biodiversity in Cities
Yamaguchi, Kazuko, Masuyama, Tetsuo, Ishizaki, Akiko, Amejima, Katsunori (Pacific Consultants Co.,Ltd., Japan)

7) Evaluation of Urban Ecosystem Services and their Governance and Management
Kohsaka, Ryo, Hasegawa, Yasuhiro (Nagoya City Univ., Japan), Ito, Tsuyoshi (City of Nagoya, Japan)

8) Evaluation of Dependence and Environment Load on Ecosystems Outside Cities
Nishimiya, Hiroshi (Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, Japan)